Aligarh: Feroz Alam a.k.a. Raja had substantial political clout prior to about a day ago. His SUV bore the title plate’BSP planner Patiyali and that he moved about with half a dozen young boys. )

On Monday, Raja has been arrested for obtaining the MBA paper leaked.

He confessed he wished to find the paper leaked to assist his girlfriend that had been carrying the MBA evaluation and he utilized an AMU worker, Irshad, to find the paper. He guaranteed to receive a permanent job at the college for Irshad.

Raja, who’s been arrested and sent to prison, advised the authorities he had promised his girlfriend he could get the examination paper.

On that the recommendation of his friends, he sent her a bogus solved paper along with his girlfriend gave him a bit of her head when she understood it was bogus. She even stopped speaking .

Feroz Alam fulfilled a buddy, Haider, as well as both positive Irshad to find the paper leaked. Haider and Irshad are currently Feroz Alam’s companions in prison. The girlfriend, however, is absconding.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Akash stated the apartment where Haider resided had been sealed because it had been utilized as a meeting point. The apartment belonged to Haider’s uncle Tehseem Siddiqui who’s supposedly near Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav.

“This gang would sell answers at Rs 2,000 each and had even formed a WhatsApp group for entrance examinees. The answers have been solved to over a dozen students till now,” that the SSP said.

Source: IANS