Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Dr Payal suicide instance: Three accused doctors seek fair investigation

Mumbai: Three doctors — Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehar, and Ankita Khandelwal — most accused of abetting Dr Payal Salman Tadvi to perpetrate suicide by persistently putting her on the pretext of her social identity — have advocated that the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) to guarantee ‘fair’ probe to the entire matter.

In a correspondence into the MARD on Monday, that the trio has also denied the costs of ‘ragging’ levelled against them from the victim’s mum Abeda Tadvi.

“We want the college to conduct a fair investigation to give justice. But this is not the way to do investigation through the police force and media pressure without listening to our side,” they’ve said in the correspondence.

“Just because we don’t know the reason why suicide was committed, it is seriously an injustice to put the blame on us without any proper cause and levelling a charge of atrocity,” the letter written and signed with both doctors reads. )

“You all are aware of the workload in residency and do you all really believe burdened with the workload is ragging? We all are doing residency and are going through all three years of residency which has different aspects.”

“If the heavy workload is given the name of ragging, then we all have been ragged or ragging someone while performing our basic duties. Then all of us should be blamed as all the workload and pressure is always transferred from our seniors (lecturer, AP, HOU, and HoD) and department,” the letter reads. )

Denying that the allegation of caste-based discrimination, both accused have composed: “Also, we have been blamed for caste discrimination. Do you really think such allegations are true? Do we ever consider caste before treating patients? Do we make friends, listen to our seniors/juniors and colleagues on the basis of caste? Are we really allotted work on the basis of our caste?”

The letter further asks the MARD to assist the accused for a fair trial and give them a opportunity to clean the allegations levelled against them from the victim’s mother.

“Guys we have been working together. Do you really think we could do ragging and caste discrimination? We just want you all to understand our side and help us get justice against these allegations which are levelled,” states the correspondence.

Abeda Tadvi, a mom of Dr Payal, who perpetrated suicide on May 22, has promised three mature doctors — Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehar, and Ankita Khandelwal — in Nair Hospital tortured her daughter, also not able to bear this, she perpetrated suicide.

The management of this BYL Nair Hospital had shaped a anti-ragging committee to research to the suicide, while Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has suspended both accused doctors.

Source: ANI