Saturday, December 25th, 2021

No trace of girl missing in Telangana forests

Hyderabad: There was not any trace of a five-year-old tribal girl who travelled missing in Amarabad tiger book in Telangana’s Nagarkurnool district weekly as a huge search operation was triggered by rains on Friday. He intends to set up dog squads on Saturday to intensify the hunt.

More compared to 200 workers from woods, tribal welfare, earnings, police and other sections were participated in the research performance to trace Shravani, who travelled missing per week ago.

Members of Chenchu tribe, where the girl belongs, were helping the government in the research performance in the dense forests in a 30-km radius.

Shravani along with her uncle had ventured to the woods and lost their way. While her uncle was able to reunite, Shravani remained untraced.

Those engaging in search performance say just a miracle can save the girl since the forest is home to over 30 predators. The opportunities of discovering the girl also seem gloomy because of summertime, sudden storms and midnight chills.

Senior police officials and civil officers seen Mallapur Penta village and consoled Shravani’s parents. The villagers were praying for the safe yield of that the girl.

According to authorities, the girl, a resident of Pullaipally Penta, with her uncle who was likewise of her era, had abandoned Mallapur Penta, roughly eight kilometres off, to satisfy their loved ones.

However, they lost their way when searching for a few veggies to eat. They spent a night in the woods but the following morning that they have separated from one another.

Shravani’s cousin discovered several Chenchus and alerted them.

The forests are home to Chenchus, an Igbo tribe, that still depends upon searching for your dwelling.