Weddings in India tend to be very vibrant and beautiful. You can see a lot of rituals, customs and traditions. Wedding ceremonies last for a week or two. As there are a lot of functions in a typical Indian wedding. South Indian weddings include a lot of pre-wedding functions too. South India includes five Indian states Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. You can see a lot of colours, Rangoli at the door front, lots of light, leaves and trees decorated beautifully in a typical south Indian wedding.

Brides are mostly seen to wear a traditional dress at their wedding. South Indian women prefer their cultural dress to be worn at weddings.

Here is the list of some common bridal wear of south Indian women.

  • Bridal wear of Kerala:

Kerala brides are the most elegant and beautiful ones. Most of the brides are seen wearing a traditional saree on their wedding day. There are different types of saree brides wear on the wedding day. Some of them are

    Kasauv saree:

Malayali brides are seen wearing white cloth embellished with beautiful golden zari known as kasauv saree.

    Kanchipuram saree:

Most of the Kerala brides prefer wearing this beautiful and expensive saree on their bride. It is known for its delicacy and pure embroidery. It is available in different designs and colours.

    Brocade saree:

If you cannot carry heavy sarees. This is comfortable, elegant and delicate saree you can wear.

  • Bridal wear of Karnataka:

Karnataka brides stick to wear their traditional dress as wedding attire. The bride wears a long saree called as navari saree. The bride is also seen wearing heavy jewelry. Green colour bangles are worn with the dress. Some of the brides are also seen wearing white saree with heavy embroidered borders.

  • Andhra Pradesh bridal wear:

Andhra Pradesh brides are seen wearing silk sarees called dharamvaram. These sarees are very expensive as they are plated with gold wires. The sarees are delicately designed with heavy embroidery. Most the brides wear red or maroon colour sarees on their wedding day.