In the event that she is surrendered by the board, as two or three scholars and experts have maintained, she’s met all prerequisites for a $25.8 million severance bunch, in context of Yahoo’s accessible stock cost.

Regardless, she’ll improve in the event that she loses her occupation as an eventual outcome of the offer of the affiliation. By then she’d get about $110 million, as indicated by open exposures by Yahoo.


Hurray (YHOO, Tech30) shares have tumbled around 31% this year through the end of exchanging Friday.

The Wall Street Journal reported a week former that the Yahoo board is considering an offer of its center resources.

The level of the severance gathering isn’t an aggregate amazement, given Mayer’s pay since joining the relationship in July 2012.

She got $36.6 million for her six months of work in 2012, as indicated by affiliation filings, and $42.1 million a year former.

Mayer’s 2015 pay has yet to be revealed. Regardless, with everything taken into account her starting more than two years at work have netted her $103.6 million, as appeared by affiliation gages.

Regardless, similar to her severance bundle, the estimation of her stock and choices that made up the overwhelming some portion of that pay has been harmed by the slide in stock cost.