Virgin Galactic is utilizing an old 747 to dispatch rockets into space.

The plane, named “Enormous Girl,” was in the past utilized by sister affiliation Virgin Atlantic to fly voyagers from Europe to the United States. In its second life, it will dispatch unmanned rockets going on little satellites into earth circle.

Boundless Girl will go on the satellite and the little rocket, named Launcher One, under its left wing. In the wake of setting off to its top tallness, the rocket will segregate and fall far from the plane. The rocket’s motor will then touch off to get the straggling scraps of the course into space.

The level dispatch from a plane is in like way how Virgin Galactic strategies to go on space vacationers into short suborbital battles into space. Notwithstanding, a substitute, astoundingly organized plane will go on the kept an eye out for missions, and those flights won’t achieve circle the way the satellites do.

Virgin Galactic has won a $4.7 million contract to dispatch satellites for NASA. It likewise has as a comprehension from One Web, which composes a course of action of 270 low Earth-circle satellites to give general Internet access. Regardless, the affiliation has not yet dispatched a satellite or a visitor into space.

Virgin’s Spaceship Two squashed in October 2014, amidst which a test pilot was executed. Another Spaceship Two is still a work in advancement.

Immense Girl has been in association for Virgin Atlantic since 2001. It was one of the last 747’s set in association for the conveyor, which changed to Airbus A-340’s after that.