Saturday, December 25th, 2021

Hyderabad: Murder accused brutally hacked to death on NH-65

Hyderabad: Brutal murders are allegedly rising in town together with authorities remaining quiet within this brutality gradually turning the town into a offense hub such as northern nations.

In another brutal murder instance, a murder accused had been hacked to death on National Highway-65 that Friday, TOI reports.

Surprisingly the barbarous murder has been captured on the camera and went viral.

Reporting on the episode, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Patancheru Division) Rameshwar Rao stated that dead victim M Pasha, who had been a resident of Bolakpur at Musheerabad and an accused from the murder case that happened a few months past had gone to attend a scheduled court hearing on Friday.

While that he had been returning to town after attending the court proceeding around 11 am, he was intercepted by accused in Rudraram.

Afraid because of his lifetime, the victim began running abandoning his motorcycle which led to his ill fate.

The accused captured him in the center of the street and hacked him to death with an axe before the entire public.

Later that the accused ran to another side of the street, until he fled off.