Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Hyderabad: Salma Begum, her 9-year-old daughter die due to electrocution

Hyderabad: In an incident, a 45-year-old woman and her 9-year-old daughter died due to electrocution. This incident took place in Saif Colony, Shaheen Nagar.

According to the report published in Telangana Today, the woman, Salma Begum along with her daughter, Sania had gone to terrace on Friday afternoon. Later, the woman accidentally came in contact with a live wire while hanging clothes on the clothesline.

When Sania came to rescue her mother, she also got electrocuted.

In the accident, two other children, Muskaan (11) and Shamu (7) also got minor injuries.

Balapur police registered a case.