Saturday, December 25th, 2021

Venezuelan national apprehended at Delhi airportcocaine seized

New Delhi: Narcotics Control Bureau on Monday detained a Venezuelan national and seized cocaine here at Indira Gandhi International airport, according to a press release from the Narcotics Control Bureau (NBC).

The detained was apprehended by NCB officers at Delhi airport after getting advice from a trusted source. The detained was afterwards brought into a government hospital New Delhi to get X-ray test.

“Upon scrutinizing the test report, the doctors opined that there are foreign objects in the stomach of the accused. They further advised for the admission of the accused so that he could be treated for the expulsion of the foreign objects,” NCB said in a statement.

After proper medicine, a total of 65 capsules of cocaine were expelled in the body of this apprehended individual, it included.

Preliminary analysis revealed he arrived to India through Addis Ababa. Foreign government are also being approached with regard to the issue.

Further evaluation has been conducted to identify the regional operatives of their syndicate.

Source: ANI