Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Juhi Parmar to spend Mother’s Day in Maldives

Male: Actress Juhi Parmar, who is a single parent to a six-year-old girl, is off to the Maldives with the family to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12.

“While I am a mother and Samairra (daughter) will definitely make the day special for me, I also wanted to make the day extra special for my mom. Hence, we decided that our summer holiday should happen around Mother’s Day so that Samairra, my mom and I can have not one day to celebrate, but an entire holiday dedicated to us,” Juhi said in a statement.

Speaking about the destination, the actress said: “Samairra wanted to go to a place surrounded by water. Hence, we zeroed in on Maldives. I went to the Maldives about 15 years ago, but I know a lot has changed and we are really looking forward to spending some quality time together as we soak in the beauty of the beaches on the islands.”

Source: IANS