Saturday, December 25th, 2021

Taiwanese prosecutors have charged previous president Ma Ying-jeou with releasing mystery data

Mr Ma has asked for he didn’t infringe upon any laws as he was simply satisfying his dedication as head of state.

In the event that found at hazard, he might be confined for up to three years for each charge.

The criminal affirmations are notwithstanding a substitute true blue case identifying with a relative matter in 2013.

Mr Ma’s eight-year association finished in 2016, when his Kuomintang party lost to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in a year back’s wide decision.

Prosecutors say that Mr Ma requested that the substance of stealthily recorded telephone calls between DPP official Ker Chien-ming and the parliamentary Speaker be given to different specialists.

They said that by giving this request, Mr Ma infringed upon laws on the assurance of individual data, arriving of insider truths, and correspondences security and discernment.

Mr Ma has combat that he was as of late completing his responsibilities as president, as the substance of those telephone calls identified with affirmed impact offering by Mr Ker and the Speaker.

Mr Ma has beginning at now showed up in court a few conditions beginning late for a substitute case brought by Mr Ker over a practically identical matter. That case’s decision is set to be declared sooner rather than later

His supporters say he is a difficulty of political score-settling.

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