Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Clutch your VR headset for this exciting ride.

In the event that the swoops and swerves of a standard empowering ride aren’t enough fortifying for you, Six Flags is giving one of its stimulate rides an electronic turn, offering delight stop guests another “blended reality” encounter.

The energy mecca has restored its association with Samsung to dispatch The New Revolution Galactic Attack, a virtual-reality (VR) energize ride commitment amidst which riders wear Samsung Gear VR headsets (controlled by Oculus) for an immersive, “blended reality” ride.

The VR crazy rides are showing up this month at Six Flags Magic Mountain, close Los Angeles, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, close San Francisco.

While on the ride, clients fight an outcast robot strike, and the experience hardens the physical ride with an instinctual virtual world. Clients are then scored in context of their gameplay, as showed by Six Flags.

“As riders drop at high speeds, the blended reality see changes to a totally immersive, virtual reality condition and a warrior spaceship cockpit rises and wraps the riders into a passage of light,” Six Flags experts said in an affirmation. “Ensuing to swinging through tight channels, barely avoiding machines and tremendous weapons shoot, riders are brought into one of three robot bayous, each of which offer a completely remarkable gaming learning and three unmistakable endings.”

The Galactic Attack gameplay will be experienced by technique for VR headsets on existing napkins at the Six Flags parks — The New Revolution at Magic Mountain and Kong at Discovery Kingdom.

Six Flags and Samsung at initially joined to pass on virtual reality to 12 crazy rides in 2016. For these VR-upgraded napkins, riders experienced either a “Superman virtual reality” or “Another Revolution virtual reality.” The new Galactic Attack VR is a progress of the New Revolution involvement with initially showed a year back, Six Flags specialists said.

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