Amazon Handmade now offers precious stones, furniture, stationary, stoneware generation and particular things from specialists, artisans and crafters from around the globe.

Amazon Handmade, which pushed Thursday, has classes like home expressive outline, kitchen and eating up, and bedding. Everything is “gathering plant free and must be made by hand,” as per Amazon.

Amazon Handmade looks to some degree like Etsy, which permits the purchaser to purchase Halloween gatherings, changed gems, uncommon vintage comic books and appealing gadget belts. Different, however not all, of the things are made by artisans.

Faced with this new rivalry, (ETSY) stock was down 4% in right on time exchanging, coming about to diving more than 10% in premarket exchanging. Shares of (EBAY) additionally took a hit, down 6%.

A touch of the funkier things on Amazon Handmade merge a glass wine fitting scratched to take after The Beatles’ yellow submarine, a case style tyke pack woven from fat strings of wool and are in deer tusk coat rack from Finland (“just 1 left in stock – plan soon”).

The things are no joke, nor are the costs, with a wine rack end table going for $1,599 and another natural looking end table “enlivened by George Nakashima” offering for $2,000. A get-together table cut from secured faint walnut costs $13,800 (however dispatching is free).

The site has names and photographs of the talented specialists, with contact data and a profile of how the things are made. Tundrada lights up us that the prongs for her jacket rack are “made using legitimate reindeer tusk, handpicked here in Arctic Lapland.”

Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) said the site offers 80,000 things from 60 nations, and 30% of the things can be “revamping” for the purchaser.

Amazon Handmade does not, notwithstanding, offer a figure made using feline bones, or an embellishment conveyed using feline hair balls. Those were once offered on Etsy, and satire on the snarky however now-defunctsite Regretsy.