You basically said a last farewell to your sweetheart of a year. You’ve spent the most recent three days sulking on your parlor seat, unnecessarily crushed, and making it difficult to shower or eat anything besides string cheddar. You without moving open Facebook between Netflix abysses and see your ex has posted a grinning photograph of a night out on the town.

Breakups in the season of web frameworks organization redesigns can be severe. Facebook is endeavoring another part that will support the devastation, without convincing you to unfriend exes or erase all your past posts.

The new “Welcome a Reprieve” choice shows up when you make the segment Facebook official. After you change a relationship status, you’ll be given the choice to urge what you see about your ex and what they can see about you.

On the off chance that you pick to “see less” of your past fire, their redesigns will no more show up in the news food and you won’t get overhauls from Facebook (FB, Tech30) to name him or her in a photograph. (Regardless, don’t push, despite all that you’ll be able to visit the profile page while listening to Adele on rehash.)

The settings go both ways. You can in like way conceal your own updates. With this alternative, your ex just sees new posts he or she is stamped in, or things introduced transparently or presented on shared sidekicks.

As Facebook has unadroitly found with its own specific recollections highlights, every now and then the past is really frightening. A change choice will release you through all your old posts and piece an ex from seeing them, or untag yourself from those kissing selfies you took in better times.

“This work is a touch of our perpetual push to make assets for individuals who may be experiencing troublesome minutes in their lives,” said Facebook in an online diary entry.

In the long time past days, you may have impacted a compartment of photographs. That is harder to do when photographs are advanced.

This may not be as helpful, yet rather it has one foremost perfect position: none of the Facebook changes are endless. You can change them at whatever point, which is brain blowing on the off chance that you get back together, persuade the chance to be accomplices or get nostalgic.


Past flares won’t be told as for your developments. The part is being endeavored in the U.S. to begin, yet ought to as time goes on takeoff to broken hearts around the globe.