Saturday, December 25th, 2021

The Nokia 3310 is making a rebound.

Telephones essentially aren’t what they used to be. Clearly, we can really utilize the web now, however the more conspicuous screen and forefront cell phone liberalities basically don’t measure up with respect to out of date week-long battery life, indestructible indecent telephone cases, and the best amusement in the entire world: Snake.GIF

Anyway, rousing news for anybody that thinks life was more pleasant before selfies and Snapchat. The Nokia 3310 is making a bob back.

As exhibited by Venture Beat, HMD Global (which now has the rights to the Nokia name) will dispatch the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 at the Mobile World Congress not long from now (February 26), and in like manner a nostalgic worship to the astoundingly adored 3310. The “cutting edge variant” of the Nokia 3310, which was at initially affected in 2000, will be shown as an approach to manage get long battery life in a cell phone.

Nokia’s enormous ricochet back is relied on to highlight both Android-based telephones and tablets, with HMD as of now itemizing that it will contribute a fantastic $500m all through the going with three years, holding the rights to the trademark until 2024.

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