Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

21- year-old girl teaches lesson to person who touched her inappropriately

Kolkata: A brave girl, aged 21, taught lesson to a person who apparently touched her inappropriately.

According to the report released in Times of India, the implicated is recognized as Subodh Sharma (28). The implicated who was on bike not just made profane gesture however likewise touch the girlinappropriately This occurrence happened on Monday night in the Lake east location of Survey Park, Kolkata.

The girl who is a third-year English honours trainee got his hand. Baffled over it, the implicated used brakes of his bike. Then the girl leapt onto the rear seat of the bike and began punching him after covering his eyes with her hands.

Although, the implicated made an effort to escape by biting her fingers, she did not let him go.

Soon, passerby collected. The implicated was turned over to the authorities.

Later, the girl was valued by the authorities.