Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Furious Teenager pours petrol, burns house with parents in it

Vijayawada: What can be described as a fit of rage a teenager burnt down his own house hurting his parents in the fire.

The event happened on Thursday at SC/BC nest in Prakasam district’s Markapur town where 19- year-old BTech very first year trainee determined as Prasad unwilling on commemorating his birthday, when his dad an everyday wage earner declined to provide him cash, put petrol from the bottle he was holding in the burning fire wood resulting in blaze that has actually swallowed up the house.

The fire has actually hurt all the 3 people in the house consisting of the mom.

According to reports, the household had actually currently gone out for lunch on Thursday afternoon to commemorate Prasad’s birthday however after returning house, he
required money from his dad to commemorate his birthday with buddies.

When declined, in a fit of anger, Prasad put petrol in to the burning fire wood from the bottle he was holding he had actually brought it to put in his bike resulting in the mishap causing serious burn injuries to his parents and himself.

The residents conserved the household and signaled the authorities. They are not going through treatment in a personal medical facility.

Doctors stated both parents run out risk however have actually suffered burn injuries that might need skin grafting. Markapur authorities have actually signed up a case.

Further examination is on.