Hyderabad: Special Operation Team of Cyberabad cops with the cooperation of Rajendranagar Police busted a racket of transport of Ganja and detained 6 individuals consisting of 2 women. Authorities took 13 Kg. ganja from their ownership and Rs. 1,80,000 money.

DCP of Shamsabad, Mr. Prakash Reddy, in an interview held the other day notified that Shubham Singh (24), Anish Singh (30) homeowners of Dhoolpet, G. Naresh (24), Naveen Kumar (19) homeowners of Narketpally, Ms Suneeta (18) local of Dhoolpet, Ms Rohini (19) local of Kumarwadi, Tappa Chabutra were detained.

He informed that these raids were made at Aramghar crossroads throughout the search operation.

According to the report of the cops, Shubham Singh is an expert wrongdoer who is participated in the transport of ganja. He was locked up 7 times in comparable cases in the past.

Police remain in search of the kingpin of this racket, Surender Singh who is absconding.

DCP informed that ganja was carried from Visakhapatnam location. This gang had actually taken a home on rental basis is Jalpally location. They were offering ganja at the rate of Rs 5000 per Kg.

Present in journalism conference were ACP of Rajendra Nagar, Mr Ashok Chakravarti, inspector of cops, Rajendranagar, Mr Satish and others.