A Hyderabadi female has actually prompted the External Affairs Minister to help her son who stuck in Muscat.

Naseem Begum, mother of Shaik Arif, who was hospitalised as he was experiencing a mental disorder. She likewise declared that his hospitalised due to the abuse which he had to bear at the hands of the kafil (company) in Saudi Arabia.

She stated, her son was returning from Jeddah to Hyderabad throughMuscat After the flight reached Muscat, he supposedly began screaming as he was not in a correct psychological mindset. He was confessed to Al Masarra Hospital inMuscat He had actually been working as a chauffeur in a home in Mecca.

Naseem Begum likewise prompted the Indian Embassy in Oman to help her son and make needed plans for him to return to Hyderabad.

On Wednesday, the embassy in reaction to the demand tweeted, “The embassy is in touch with the hospital and is following up the case.”