Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Youth beaten to death for slapping elderly man

New Delhi: A childhood was bludgeoned to death by 2 individuals after a scuffle after he awakened their dad for urinating in front of his home at south Delhi’s Govind Puri place, the authorities said on Monday.

According to the authorities, the dead, that has been identified as Lilu, was a “bad character” from the police documents and had several instances against his title.

The incident happened on Sunday nighttime when Lilu and his spouse Pinky were hanging out their home after a power cut in the region.

“One of 2 brothers subsequently picked up a significant cement slab in the road and struck Lilu on the head with it. The accused hit Lilu till he eventually become unconscious. The victim was rushed to that the AIIMS trauma facility where he was declared brought dead.

“We have recognized that the accused men, who suffered injuries throughout the struggle. We will get them shortly. The police has registered a case of murder against detained under IPC part of murder,” Biswal said.

During evaluation, it was also discovered that Lilu was a repeat offender that had been involved in many cases of snatching and prosecution. He was likewise a history-sheeter at the Delhi Police dossier, the DCP added.