Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Mahira and Humayun failed to entertain in Bin Roye’s songs

Bin Roye, from the trailer, appeared to be a sorrowful movie. It’s about hate, love and it shows how we can break bad when we don’t get what we need. And, Humayun Saeed is named Irtiza in the movie. That’s all we can gather about the movie from the trailer.

Without good music it’s hard to believe a movie a success these days. Filmmakers of Bin Roye kept it in their minds and as a result we will listen to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen when the movie in out.

We see trailers of 2 songs Ballay Ballay and Tere Bin Jeena.

It’s a what?

Ballay Ballay shows a conventional dance performance at a mehndi. Whether it’s an item song or not, that remains with viewers to decide. Because there is a conflict between the performance and the mainstream item songs.

What does it take to be at item song?

There are songs in which models showed more skin than Mahira in Ballay Ballay. What is the criteria for it to be an item song? The choreography Or the dress transparent kind of dress?

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You will think it’s the how much skin you show. Of course it’s obvious but that hasn’t been true If we compare other songs.


For example: In Jalaibee, Zhalay Sarhadi showed a smaller amount of skin than Mahira. With spicy songs lyrics and gritty atmosphere choreographed, the song was labelled an item song.


Item numbers are made to entertain people. There’s a mutual and undocumented consensus among the viewers that this song’s futile effort to entertain people remains futile.

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