Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

How To Keep Bread & Bun – Fresh and Soft For Long? Tips by Indian Grandma

Bread and Buns are common food items found at every Indian’s house. But the problem with bread is that it does not remain fresh and soft for long. After a few days, it gets hard and all the freshness fades away.


Only fresh bread is tasty to eat but keeping it fresh can be a challenge.  Keeping bread in plastic bags for some weeks can make it moldy. So after doing several experiments, we have found some great ways to keep store-bought bread fresh longer. It does not require any fancy or expensive equipment.


Guide # 1:


Things You Need:


  • Simple Paper Bag
  • Cotton Tea Towel




Put your bread in a paper bag and wrap the whole thing in a cotton tea towel. By doing this, your bread will stay fresh. The loaves and crust will stay crisp and the interior will be soft and fresh even after 7-8 days.


Guide # 2:


Things You Need:


  • Just a freezer!




Keep your bread in the freezer. Don’t put it in the fridge because keeping bread at 40 F can make it go stale faster. Freezing is the best option. You can even keep the bread in the freezer for 2-3 months. You could leave some slices for your family to eat, and freeze the rest. Whenever you want to eat the bread, take it out of the freezer and


So these are the super easy ways to keep store-bought bread fresh. You can also try the same processes for homemade bread too.


Important Information:


  • Always try your best to buy bread which is freshly baked.
  • Avoid buying bread more than your family consumes. But buy more bread, when there’s a weekend promotion going on in supermarkets.

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