Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Hindi versus Urdu: similarities and differences

It is well known fact that English has many dialects spoken all over the world. Its dialects include Australian dialect, American dialect and British dialect. It is thought that like English, Hindi also has a dialect that is spoken in Pakistan that is Urdu. Both the languages sound almost same. Right? But there are many facts behind the curtain. Only native speakers of Hindi and Urdu know it. To get over this confusion, I’m going to give you brief  overview of comparative features of both languages.


Majority of similar things of both languages pertain to commonly used words, sentences or phrase which are mainly limited to conversation. Here you go with similar things:

  • Almost all the pronouns, for example, mein, hum, aap, tum etc.
  • Some nouns in conversational forms are also same including pani, khana, chand, aag and so on.
  • Some adverbs are also similar like aaj, kal, andar, bahar.
  • They have same basic structure of the sentences.


Major part of both the languages has marked difference both in spoken and written. Forms used in literature, news, sports and business are very different.

So here are the differences:

  • Some pronouns: like “they”- in Urdu it is always denoted with word woh while Hindi prefers
  • Majority of nouns: such as Indians call “religion” as dharam whereas Pakistanis call it
  • Interjections: if you want to say Oh my God! Hindi speaker will say Hey Bhagwan and Urdu speaker will say Oh khuda.
  • Adverbs: “as” has two different ways of expression in both languages. Hindi prefers to use kyoon ke, Urdu likes to say choon ke.
  • Hindi has Sanskrit aroma in its literature. Urdu keeps flavour of Arabic and Persian.
  • Hindi is native language of India and mostly Hindu majority speaks it, therefore it has huge treasure of vocabulary that is inspired by Hinduism. Urdu is native language of Pakistan and it is spoken by Muslim community on major part. That’s why it has traces of Islamic word glossary.

These were some major similarities and differences between two closely related languages of sub-continent.



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