Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Interesting hand gestures used in India and their meaning

Language is way of expression. As there are many ways of expression, so are the languages. You can use words to express your thought process both  in spoken and written. But Indians are different. They really don’t like to waste their words. They prefer to use body language specially hand gestures to convey their message. This interesting language is spoken as well as understood on this remarkable land. So let’s see some Interesting hand gestures used in India and their meaning.

# Namaste:

At first look this image may impart the impression of high-five emoji used in WhatsApp. But it is actually the way Indians welcome. This is reflection of hospitality and friendly behaviour. They also do it when they want to express gratitude.

# Question mark with hands:

If someone in India moves his/her hand upward while slightly curling and spreading fingers, it may be a question. And if their face also has lines of confusion, then it is 100% a question like why? How? When? So understand it buddy!

# Blessing:

When any old Indian citizen touches your head, be happy. Because it is their style of giving blessings. It is usually done when you bow in front of them. Bowing head is sign that you are asking for their blessings. Showing their generosity, they immediately stretch their hand and touch your hand with the tips of their fingers. Cool! This is called real style!


# Respect:

If you think holding ear is sign of saying  sorry to someone, you may be wrong. This may have other meanings also. If an Indian holds his/her ear while talking about a respectful personality, it is a way to express respect to that individual. For this purpose holding ear is not compulsory, it might be done by just touching it slightly. This practice is common in Indian artists specially singers. In this way artists also express love to their Guru.


So,  these hand gestures are more than an expression, they have emotions connected with them. Do you also use  these hand gestures?

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