Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

No less than 15 individuals have been injured,at a music celebration in the north-east of France.

The lightning struck in a few regions of the Vieux Canal celebration in the town of Azerailles, the territorial gathering said in an announcement.

Those harmed incorporate kids who were in a tent amid the tempest.

The casualties were “specifically hit by the lightning and endured consumes”, the territorial gathering said.

A lady in her sixties and a 44-year-old man are accounted for to be in a genuine condition because of the strikes.

How is it to strike by lightning?

What are the odds of being hit by lightning?

Parts of France around this time are frequently put on alarm for savage tempests.

Those hurt in the most recent occurrence got medical aid from the celebration’s crisis groups before going ahead to get treatment from nearby doctor’s facilities.

The majority of Saturday’s exhibitions were scratched off after the occurrence. Among those due to show up were French electronic act Pony Run and pop gathering Black Bones.

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