Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Police in Argentina have shot a transporter pigeon that was conveying medications to a prison

The fledgling was spotted flying into the grounds of the prison in the focal city of Santa Rosa.

Officers found it was conveying a knapsack containing narcotic pills, weed and a USB drive, reports said.

The pirating strategy had just been recognized and was under scrutiny, Clarín daily paper revealed.

It distributed a photo of the dead pigeon with a white knapsack containing 44 pills of the narcotic Rivotril, 7.5g (0.25 oz) of cannabis and the USB drive.

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The Argentine detainment facilities benefit had cautioned in 2013 that traffickers were utilizing pigeons making in the vicinity of 10 and 15 trips every day.

Three individuals were captured and 15 pigeons were seized after the 2013 examination, Clarín said.

Prior this year a pigeon conveying a rucksack containing 178 pills of the medication ketamine was secured in the Gulf state Kuwait close to the outskirt with Iraq.

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