Saturday, December 25th, 2021

Speeding bus takes 3 lives

On Wednesday a speeding bus has crush and killed 3 people and left as many as two people injured on Sargodha road. Furious protestors after the accident demonstrated protest and brutally tortured the driver. The details tell us that a bus collided with a car due to over speeding and took lives of three people standing alongside of the road. The two injured people have been shifted to allied hospital for treatment. Doctors have said that both patients are in severe conditions. Several cars of police reached the location after learning about what happened, the furious protestors refused to hand over the driver to the police. The families of those who were killed left the bodies on the road to block it for all the traffic. Protestors also broke the windows of the bus. The statement police gave was that the accident was caused due to over speeding.

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