Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Astronauts arriving to Earth

Dzhezkazgan (AP) – A crew from the international space station arrived safely in the grassland of Kazakhstan on Thursday. Astronaut terry Virts and Samantha of the space agency arrived to earth after 199 days on the station. Due to the wait Cristoforetti an Italian women has spent endless time in space than any other women. The trio Soyuz capsule arrived at 7:44 pm about 145 km SE from Dzhezkazgan. After coming down with the help of a parachute the craft landed softly on the grassland. Russian helicopters quickly arrived for help to check the astronauts and get them out of the capsule. The astronaut smiling and adjusting to the earth’s condition after coming from a place of zero gravity condition and were later taken for medical checkups. After the checkup crew was taken to Karaganda and back home. In April the failed Soyuz rocket will introduce a spacecraft carrying crew. Due to the investigations the trip was delayed. Soyuz rocket that introduced a satellite last week is planning to introduce another cargo ship.

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