Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Tizen smart phone coming up this year

Samsung had its new smartphones launched earlier powered by its very own operating system, Tizen. Looking at its massive success in various countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh it has planned already to manufacture more of its handsets in near future. The news was updated by an insider who was aware about all of this development. According to that person the big dashing company has plans to sell its new handsets at different prices depending upon the features and materials. However, he didn’t disclose any of the specifications yet. As the matter is highly confidential therefore the identity of the insider is kept obscure. After such reports the spokeswoman from Samsung was approached but she refused to comment on the sensitive matter. Samsung has created its own operating system in an effort to run its premium smartwatches and television sets. For that purpose it needs to increase the usage of handsets empowered by Tizen in order to double and triple the user base.

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