Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Sell Donkey Milk In India for Rs 3000 per Litre: A Profitable Business with Huge Potential

Donkey Milk is making Indian migratory communities earn a passive monthly income – all thanks to the Indian entrepreneurs, Pooja Kaul and Rishabh Tomar. Each liter of donkey milk between Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 – the duo mentioned in their recent interview.


Donkey Milk… sounds surprising, isn’t it? You will be further amazed to know that Egyptian queens and Roman empresses regularly used their pet donkey’s milk for face applications, skin care, and beauty. Also, donkey’s milk was used by ancient doctors to treat several illnesses and heal beauty-related problems.


Donkey’s dairy has “special dietary advantages,” according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and is comparable to the mother’s milk due to its richness in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. It is also an efficient option for infants who are allergic to cow’s milk.


Business Of Donkey Milk in India: A Profitable Business With Huge Potential!


Getting to know about the amazing advantages of donkey milk, Pooja Kaul and Rishabh Tomar decided to venture deep into this industry right after completing their graduation. The duo developed a complete understanding of donkey’s milk and decided to spread awareness in India and help Indian donkey owners reap exciting benefits from the animal.


On further research, Pooja and Rishabh found out that donkey’s milk can cost anything between Rs 2000 – Rs 3000 a liter. So they decided to approach some donkey owners of the nearby community and made around 200 beauty soaps from Donkey’s milk, which were sold within two months.


Today, the donkey owners (who literally never thought that they could earn good money by selling donkey milk) are now easily making up to Rs. 25K per month without any effort.


Make Passive Incomes by Selling Donkey Milk


“The owners are now making Rs 2,000 per liter of donkey milk. We derive fresh milk from each donkey on every alternate day and have fixed the limit of 200-300ml milk per donkey to ensure sufficient nutrition for their babies,” says Rishabh.


Today, Rishabh and Pooja are running their own company called ORGANIKO. The duo is manufacturing donkey milk beauty soaps, and have been receiving excellent feedback from worldwide clients. They also organize several training workshops in rural areas, where they educate local men and women of donkey milk and also teach them how to create donkey milk soaps for selling.


“Today, dozens of households who have donkeys are benefitting from Organiko. Each household is earning up to Rs 25,000 per month. They don’t have to move everywhere and earn this much money without any effort. We also have also provided shelter to 50 plus donkeys,” says the duo.


The duo says that their company will soon launch Donkey Milk Facial Masks, Cleansers, Hair Shampoos, and Beauty Creams.

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