Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Dehradun: 55 notices issued to buildings lacking fire safety arrangements

Dehradun: Dehradun fire division has issued show trigger notices to 55 coaching centers and other buildings from town for lacking in required fire safety arrangements.

The activity was taken days later Surat fire tragedy, which asserted 20 lives, largely pupils and lots of others injured. One week period was awarded to all for the answer.

If we do not get a response in time, then the buildings are probably to be captured from the concerned officials.”

“During the review, it was discovered that no precautions concerning adequate amount of fire extinguishers and fire alerts are taken.

There isn’t any suitable evacuation facility in the time of need,” he explained.

Several pupils were seen jumping off the building to escape the inferno on May 24 at Surat. Some individuals were not able to escape and expired on the place.

As the rescue operations were completed, charred bodies have been discovered. The fire was allegedly triggered by a brief circuit.