Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

Group of waiters thrash 2 army officials in Baghpat

Baghpat: Two Army employees were thrashed by a team of waiters in a resort in district Baraut town on Sunday.

According into the authorities, the incident happened when the army personnel supposedly entered into a small altercation with a different customer after which a server intervened. In no moment, the issue blew out of ratio, following that a gang of waiters supposedly started thrashing the safety officials.

The thing came to fore following a movie of the episode went viral on social networking. In the movie resort workers can be viewed thrashing the Army employees with sticks.

“We have registered a case under the relevant section. 7-8 accused who are waiters in the hotel have been detained. The investigation is being done,” stated Ramanand Kushwaha, Circle Officer, Baraut.

“First the fight broke inside the hotel but within few minutes they all were on the road,” he stated
Police have apprehended 7-8 persons that are waiters in the resort and also a case under the appropriate section of legislation was registered.