Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Muslim man claims to be Hindu, marries Hindu woman; both go missing

JAIPUR: Rajasthan Police are searching to an Imran Bhati who wed a Hindu girl after introducing himself as a Kabeer Sharma, maintained a massive dowry and today is currently missing together with the girl.

An instance was registered in Sikar against Imran Bhati, that it ends up was married and was a father of 3 kids.

“Bhati introduced himself as an unmarried Brahmin to my daughter, proposed to her and then married her in the presence of his fake parents and fake relatives who too introduced themselves as Brahmins,” the girl’s father told the authorities.

“They even revealed their ‘gotra’. When I was fully satisfied, I fixed their marriage on May 13,” stated the agonized father.

A couple of days after the marriage, the man delivered my daughter back to Sikar demanding Rs 5 lakh as additional dowry. “Somehow I borrowed Rs 2.5 lakh from a friend. And then my daughter went missing on May 17. Even the gold kept in our house is missing,” stated the dad.

When the dad went to Jaipur together with all the wedding photos, he had been startled to locate the facts.

He learnt the man wasn’t Kabeer Sharma however Imran Bhati who had been married and he worked with a motor business.

Police officials that were told the eccentric story on May 25 were both stunned.

Superintendent of Police Amandeep Singh Kapoor stated the authorities had formed a specific group to follow the missing man and girl.

The woman’s dad said he had only 1 daughter and consequently he gave “a huge dowry” such as Rs 11 lakh in cash, jewellery values Rs 5 lakh and costly dresses.

Police officials stated the whole plot was masterminded “very smartly”. Even videographers and photographers have been selected by the “groom”.

However, the woman’s family had a couple of images in their phones revealing that the marriage being conducted based on Hindu rituals.