Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Importance of Education

Education,  is the compulsory factor of everyone’s life.  A sign of intelligence, necessity of society and it gives a different identity to every individual.  Basically education gives freedom of mind so that every person can think ,  can do , can achieve their goals, objectives, desires, purpose and can be known as a completely distinctive person.

According to researches we came to know that at the time of first census which was held in 1950, the literacy rate of Pakistan was 14 %! just only 14 %  but due to the remarkable changes made by the government of that time the literacy rate now till 2012 is 58 % .

Pakistan has finally come a long way in terms of literacy. Education has its importance and no one has denied from that because it is a base. It just enlightens the future of every single distinct.  From the early age to the university level . Every student always listen the same line of thought that “education is must

There are so many or you can say  in abundant there are advantages of education . Some are mentioned below

  1. Education makes better citizens
  2. It spread social , political awareness among the people
  3. It bring confidence and help every characteristic to fulfill his ?her dram with full enthusiasm
  4. Ensures a bright future of every human being
  5. It reduces the unemployment
  6. Makes the life purposeful and determined

If people say that education has any limits or it is only till the university level so I want to remind one thing that Education is not limited to colleges , schools and universities nor it is limited to age . The things which happen in our daily life can give us experience can teach us what is wrong and what is right so it’s also a part of education .  and people usually say that “  get the  knowledge from where ever you get “



So this was a very short description about the importance of education in our life and we should know one thing if there is no education, there is no life.

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