Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Indian Education News: Engineering Admissions See A Drastic Decline, Engineering Colleges Closing!

Are Indians losing interest in Engineering studies? This latest 2019 report by the Indian Education Board has revealed surprising stats regarding Engineering admissions in several universities across the nation.


A latest 2019 report states that this year almost 87% of seats have remained vacant in Tamil Nadu and some other important states of India.


Also, in many states, the engineering colleges have decided to shut down – due to a very low number of students in the college. With colleges opting for closing, the colleges have decided not to allow new entrances, but they will function until their classes are completed by the current batch.


Out of 1.6 Lakh Seats Available, Only 21 Thousand Students Have Applied For Their Admission


Of the 1.66 Lakh seats available in Tamil Nadu, according to the leading media reports, only 21,000 seating were filled until 18 July 2019 – which is the last day of the 2019 admission applications.


The report also states that just 27 of 494 colleges in the state were able to provide a sanctioned intake of over 50 percent. This year, just 36 percent seats will be filled in Tamil Nadu engineering universities.


Indians Losing Interest in Engineering Studies…


From the past few years, there’s been a huge decline in students applying for admissions in engineering. And this year, the numbers have fallen to a record low, with just 20 thousand applying for admission out of 1.6 lakh empty seats available.


Seeing a drastic decline in admissions, Engineering colleges across India are unable to cope with the difficult situation and facing so many losses – which can result in many famous engineering colleges shutting down or removing the study of engineering from their prospectus.


Reports say that a decline in admission for Engineering studies is because many graduated-Engineers don’t have employment in the country, and even if they have one, they are working on extremely low salaries.


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