Making a good impression is important for any person who is preparing for a job interview. It’s a fact that good impression plays a vital role in hiring decisions. Only degree or skills are not important for a job interview. You must have a good personality and a nice fashion sense. You should look as smart and positive as you can. Job seekers especially women make the most noticeable mistake when getting ready for a job interview and that’s the makeup!


Besides a great outfit and hair-do, you need to pay attention to your makeup also. Makeup can even worsen the looks of a gorgeous lady and it can even make an ugly fat woman look good.


So today we will guide all young Indian ladies – the best makeup tips for a job interview. We hope that after getting knowledge from this tutorial, you will be able to do the perfect makeup for a job interview.




Full-coverage foundations never-ever look great in real life. In reality, it gives a cakey look to someone who is sitting very close to you. Full coverage foundations only look great in photos and that’s the reason models/celebrities wear them.


But for a job interview, go for a tinted moisturizer with light to medium coverage or a lightweight foundation. If you have an ugly pimple or spot on your face, you can hide it using concealer only on the spot.




If your eyebrows are in good shape, then it’s OK. You don’t need to do anything else except a very tiny amount of brow gel to keep hairs in place.


But if your eyebrows are not correctly shaped or have bald spots, you can simply use a brow pencil with a very light hand to shape your eyebrows and hide the bald spots easily.


Eye Shadow


It’s insane to choose colorful eye shadows at this occasion. It’s not a party, it’s a job interview. Decency will only come if you opt for neutral colors. Don’t go for eye shadows that look very dark against your skin color and stay away from glitters or shimmers.




Before applying eyeliner, make sure that you don’t use party colors like green, red, blue and the glitter ones! Opt for plum, gray and dark brown color instead of black. For best results, the line should be drawn as much close to the lash-line as possible.




Just one or two coats of Mascara are enough. When applying Mascara, keep in mind that your lashes look natural.




Pick the texture that suits your skin type. Normally, beauticians recommend powder for oily skin and cream for dry skin. Select a color that resembles the natural skin color of your cheeks. Optional: (You might use a bronzing item that suits your skin tone, but applies it lightly.)




We suggest going for Rose color lipsticks. Rosey color looks perfect, especially when wearing doing makeup for an interview. Bright colors like red are not suitable for job interviews. Lip glosses and shimmers should be avoided.


Bonus Tips


  • If you have a noticeable pimple, acne mark or spot on your skin, you can conceal them using a concealer.
  • If your skin is dry, you can carry a hydrating face mist or rose water with you to spray them on your face when needed.
  • Women with oily skin can carry skin-oil absorbing sheets with them. You can get these sheets from any cosmetic store near you.
  • For a fresh look, get a proper sleep before going to an interview.


So this was the guide about the makeup do’s and don’ts for a job interview. All Indian ladies who have a job interview scheduled in the future must remember these tips.