Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

WHL: India and Pakistan face to face.

Traditional competitors of each other, Pakistan and India, will be face to face in World Hockey League (WHL) in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s relevant to state that till match will be a nominating criterion for the 2016 Olympics.


Earlier in the match, Pakistan had a big challenge in match against Australia on 24 June.


Pakistan had won the Olympic gold in 1984. To be able to play in Rio Games, Pakistan needs to defeat at least one of the two main challengers.

The top five parties of the finalists will make the Olympics, which means a semi-final permit can assure a team qualification for the show.


If Pakistan doesn’t qualify for the semi-final, it will be a big challenge for them to beat it out to at least grab the fifth positive to make their presence in the Olympics.


We might see India’s comeback to revenge their defeat in home to Pakistan, as we saw in the last champions trophy semi-finals.

Pakistan’s squad, that set out for Belgium have reached their destination. They participated  in back-to-back practice matches, which was great to see, with Ireland on June 16.

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