Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

International Cricket Revival: Pakistan thanks Zimbabwe series.

Pakistan unlocks their exciting series in Sri Lanka this week. The first test will be played at the symbolic Galle International Stadium from tomorrow.


Mr Najam Sethi and Shaharyar M. Khan get the credit for the significant Zimbabwe tour. The two representatives of (PCB) Pakistan Cricket Board did their best in persuading Zimbabwe for the international cricket tour.


Indeed, it was their efforts that led to this successful series. This series was a reason of relief after the bloodbath and tragic incident of Safoora, Karachi.

Zimbabwe series is believed to be a revival of international matches in Pakistan. We, as Pakistanis hope it happens.


It was an amazing experience of many of the Pakistani players. To play with an international cricket match. There is indeed nothing more exciting to a player to play an international game.

It was noticed that the newcomers and youngsters were not up to the mark when it came to playing.  The coaching staff has to take care of that.

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