Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

As PFF’s technical administrator, Shahzad desires ‘free hand’.

Shahzad Anwar, who is a former Pakistan custodian trainer, after becoming technical director of (PFF) Pakistan Football Federation said “I want to work with a free hand”


Shazad will replace Mohammed Al Shamlan who is Pakistan head-trainer. Shahzad will be completing his FIFA Pro License soon and will officially take the responsibilities as new technical director from Otober.

“After completing my last stage to get Pro License, which I have to, I will join PFF as technical director” said Shahzad, “I hope to get attached with a European club, it will certainly help me learn more about football because they have a high standard of football, I need freedom for the application of my own strategies in order to work for a better football team and to win national and international matches. ”


“We must concentrate on the education of coaches. There should be programs that develop increase in football activities in both national and international grounds” he concluded.


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