Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Top 8 Reasons Why Indians Should Start Eating Dates

Dates are a cheap alternative to our regular expensive medicines. Here we present you the top 8 reasons why every Indian should include dates in their daily food regime.


  1. Dates are good To cure constipation


Dates are good for our digestive system. They cure constipation, it contains rich fiber which helps us to digest smoothly. So whenever you have constipation, try to eat dates.


  1. They contain antibiotic properties


Dates have antibiotic properties which means it helps to protect us from diseases and fight bacteria in our body. So don’t go for “Sour” medicines and go for dates!


  1. They are good for heart diseases


Dates are free of cholesterol. They decrease the bad level of cholesterol from our body and also decrease plaque from the arteries.


  1. They boost your energy


Dates are a good source of glucose, sucrose, and fructose which helps to give an instant energy boost but try to eat them in moderation. So if you need energy then simply eat dates.


  1. Eating dates in moderation can decrease your blood pressure


Here is good news for those people whose blood pressure goes up mostly. They should try to eat dates. It contains potassium and magnesium which helps to reduce high blood pressure.


  1. Dates contain iron


Dates are very good for those children who want to increase their height because it is rich in iron and it is also good for those people who had very low iron. Doctors suggest people with iron deficiency – to eat dates.


  1. Eating dates delay the signs of aging


Eating dates regularly helps you to slow down the signs of aging because it contains plenty of antioxidants. So try to eat dates and look young.


  1. They help to build strong bones


Every person wants his/her bones to be strong. So if you want strong bones you must eat dates regularly, because it contains magnesium, copper, selenium, and calcium all of these are good to build up strength in the bones.

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