Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Weapons found worth 3.8 million.

In London British police has stormed a house this Monday, it’s been said that the home was a hide out for a number of weapons. Dunya news has the list of the weapons that were hidden there. It is reported that the worth of the arms hidden there was over 3.8 million Indian rupees. According to the catalog the arms were purchased from India. There were 50 AK rifles worth 1,250,000 Indian rupees, about 50 hand grenades worth 65,000 Indian rupees. 20 detonators at the cost of 24,000 Indian rupees and 5 silencers were bought too which were worth 75,000 Indian rupees. Moreover the list also mentions that 50,000 bullets were bought too at the cost of 700,000 Indian rupees. 5 rifles with telescopes at the cost of 435,000 Indian rupees were bought aswell. 10 RGP rockets worth 250,000 Indian rupees and 20 TT pistols worth 320,000 Indian rupees were purchased. Many various other weapons are mention in the list and the total cost of all this is more than 3.8 million Indian rupees.

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