Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

3-D printed office building

The hub where nothing is impossible when it comes to beautifying the skyline, Dubai, is going to be the owner of world’s first office building constructed through cutting edge technology (3-D printing). The construction process is going to be faster than usual of course. The announcement was made by The Gulf commercial hub and Mohammed al-Gergawi, the UAE, Minister of Cabinet affairs is going to entirely support the project. His comments included encouraging statements. He mentioned that this construction out of 3-D printer is going to be a boost for designing and constructing industry as it will increase creativity and efficiency to a optimum level. The tenure of construction and budget for the 2,000 square foot building was not disclosed. However it was made clear that gypsum, plastic and concrete will be used by the 20-foot high 3-D printer for the layer by layer print out of office furniture and building. The building is being created on partnership terms with a Chinese 3-D house assembling company, WinSun Global, to be used as the headquarter of “Museum of the Future”.

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