Sunday, January 2nd, 2022

Google’s new self driving car now at test

Google is back with the hype of its self-driving cars. The earlier models of it self-driving cars were collided into a number of minor accidents after completing a 1.8 miles ride. With the new prototype mode Google is expecting to put forth its next generation amazing robotic car idea. It plans to equip the car model with the steering and brakes pedals for the initial public runs, providing the passenger ultimate chance to take control of the car in an emergency. This gesture will give Google an idea on how the vehicle is being used effectively by the driver. Google discloses that it has built 25 cars so far to seek permission from California s Department of Motor Vehicles to run them on the road for 25 miles. The self-driving prototype car was seen moving on the streets not far from Internet Company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Google hopes to see its self-driving cars as successful vehicles running around the globe on the roads with the end of this decade.

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