Monday, December 27th, 2021

Google vs. Delphi

On Tuesday in San Antonio Road in Palo Alto two self driving cars were being tested, one functioned by Google Inc and the other one was operated by Delphi Automotive Plc. It was the first time this took place that two vehicles being tested at the same time which were equipped for automatic driving. None of the cars collided although Google refused to comment.  The Deplhi Audi Q5 was equipped with cameras, lasers, computer software which helped the vehicle to drive automatically the Google car Lexus contained similar hardware and software. Absmeier, a passenger in Audi Q5 used as a backup stated that the car has to switch lanes while the Google prototype cut off Audi which aborted the lane switch. Google’s headquarters is not far from Delphi’s Silicon Valley lab. Google has tested 20 plus Lexus prototype while Delphi has got only 2 Audi prototype running in California. Google on Thursday started testing its vehicle on local streets. Both companies have been reported with small collisions mostly at intersections. Bestowing to California department, there is no fault in the vehicles.

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