BlackBerry (BBRY, Tech30) has battle consistently in the recent years. It lost supporters, deals and a boatload of exchange out light of the way that it didn’t absolutely submit itself to the touch screen, application driven world we’re all standard to.

BlackBerry now slacks Apple (AAPL, Tech30) and the furnished force of affiliations that make telephones which keep running on Google’s (GOOGL, Tech30) Android versatile working framework in general remote business segment share. Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) – by temperance of its Windows Phone OS – is before BlackBerry too.

The stock is down more than 25% so far in 2015 and around 90% in the previous five years!

So the weight is on BlackBerry to dispatch a telephone that customers may genuinely require.

Supervisor John Chen recommended in a few social affairs a month back that BlackBerry may quit making telephones on the off chance that it can’t offer 5 million of them a year. That is the level he accept is key for the apparatus business to be gainful.

So BlackBerry has accomplished something that would have been incomprehensible only a couple of years previous – it’s advancing a telephone that keeps running on another working framework.

The Priv is an Android telephone.

Yes, regardless it has a slide-out console with real gets for the Crack Berry addicts. By the by, you can utilize a touch screen as well.

Furthermore, light of the way that it keeps running on Android, Priv proprietors will have authorization to different a greater number of usages than they would on a conventional BlackBerry telephone.

The Priv is – for the present – just open on AT&T’s (T, Tech30) system in the United States. It’s advancing for $249.99 with a two-year contract and $699.99 without a comprehension.

It is in like way accessible in BlackBerry’s home turf of Canada and will soon dispatch in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany too.

So can the Priv be BlackBerry’s legend?

In an online diary section Friday, Chen touted the contraption’s security and protection highlights, an entire day battery life and the way that standard applications like Uber, Instagram and Spotify are open … besides, affiliations own particular BBM lighting up association.

In any case, audits have been blended in that limit.

Engadget said that the Priv is “evidently the most engaging BlackBerry contraption that has ever been made” however fused that the $699.99 sticker worth may startle away an amazing measure of buyers.

Wired lauded the telephone’s “radiant” console and said that it’s an astounding telephone “in case you’re a whole deal BlackBerry client who’s searching for something that at last – at long last – gives you an equipment console with a certifiable application natural structure.”

In any case, the wired specialist consolidated that iPhone and Android clients (i.e. 96.7% of general remote clients, as showed by the most recent figures from IDC) would not be awakened with the Priv’s camera and touchscreen.

ZDNet panned the Priv, saying it was basically a “not too bad” Android telephone. Plus, Gizmodo’s inspector didn’t mince words. The part? “Nope, Not For Me – Not Even For My Worst Enemy.” (Tell us how you really feel.)

Divider Street (and Bay Street in Toronto) didn’t appear to mind the audits nevertheless. Shares of BlackBerry extended 5.5% Friday and rose above $8 shockingly since late July.

Notwithstanding, the Priv must be a colossal hit. Else, it may end up being the last new BlackBerry.

The affiliation sold only 800,000 cell telephones in its cash related second quarter, down from 1.3 million in the first quarter.

That recommends BlackBerry needs to offer 2.9 million telephones in its next two quarters to meet Chen’s 5 million plans objective.

BlackBerry told that it is still “dedicated” to its own BlackBerry 10 organize and consolidated that a redesign “concentrated on security and certification updates” will be accessible before timetable one year from now.

Yet, the affiliation would not remark on whether BlackBerry expected to discharge any new gadgets that keep running on BB10 one year from now.

Still, Chen focused in another online diary segment a month back that BlackBerry is not stop on telephones just yet.

Notwithstanding, he underscored that the equipment unit needs to begin profiting.

“Any individual who has been viewing about what I’ve been attempting to do at BlackBerry have obviously heard me say that we would not stay in the gadget business on the off chance that we were not productive,” he shaped. “All things considered, we are doing everything conceivable to make our contraptions gainful.”

So what happens to BlackBerry on the off chance that it does pull the fitting on apparatus? It would likely keep supporting the present gadgets out there. Supporters (I’m looking at you, Kim Kardashian!) shouldn’t push over paying little personality to whether their telephones will quit working.

In any case, the affiliation would likely proceed with its day of work towards offering programming that can be utilized on differing cell telephones and similarly particular sorts of joined contraptions – the suggested Internet of Things.

BlackBerry has made three programming acquisitions in the recent months, getting together WatchDox, AtHoc and Good Technology.

So BlackBerry’s future may not be as grim as some are anticipating.

Still, it would be a sad day if the affiliation quit making its own specific telephones. In addition, the Priv uproots the racks, that day may be coming soon.