Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Blackberry decides to embrace android.

Reuters- Blackberry Ltd decides to move towards android which may be targeted at raising the profit from its software and device management. Examiners say this step might give blackberry more visibility and a new life. Financial and tech examiners say that this step taken by blackberry does present some challenges as the company will have to hold up with two platforms and will have to put some money into selling an android device. Enderle stated that security is the main weakness of blackberry which is not at all difficult to fix. Blackberry has to deliver outstanding devices in order to roll back into business. Reuters stated that blackberry was to check android in their upcoming latest slider device. The managing system of this device BES12 is able to successfully manage and secure everything. Blackberry which once ruled the market of smart phones has viewed its market share drop under 1%. Iphone and Samsung have occupied the market share. John Chen is now focusing on the software and management of blackberry. Also the business of hardware has become less appropriate but still blackberry requires profit. It surely makes logic for blackberry to experiment android as they have nothing to lose in it.

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