Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

Blackberry shifts to android

Blackberry, which has been reserved about its zeal to create a usual android Smartphone. Many blog posts in the past few days have noticed that the Canadian handset maker purchased the domain named “” and “” this week. Blackberry foreminds to create a smartphone powered by Google on a android platform. John chen, chief executive of blackberry refused to confirm a june reuters report and stated that an android phone is being planned. Guesses say that blackberry will encircle android was also urged this week by degitimes that stated the company plans to roll out many models of android based phones. Nevertheless in the past three weeks Chen has stated atleast twice that he would build only a android phone.  Blackberry devalued the importance of its domain named purchases in an email which stated blackberry often registers domains to support the cross platform portfolio. Android, being the most important part of their platform and software strategy. One of the domains “” averts users to a blackberry site. Unfortunately that does not stops tech blogs from chatting about the purchases which is a part of blackberry’s plan to create its own secure android. Android phones work of bes12 device management system which grants clients to secure their phones. Under Chen’s leadership the waterloo company is working on something new as the blackberry 10 software was a great disappointment. Analysts and tech gurus think moving towards android might just turn out to be good for blackberry.

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