Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Teen survives a plane crash

A teenage girl outlived a plane crash and then utilized knowledge she got to know from watching survival shows on Tv to walkout for two days out of the wild. Autumn Veatch, 16 year old was travelling in with her step grandparents on Saturday when the plane dived into the sequenced mountain range in Washington state. Veatch was missing and many thought she died tried to pull her grand parents from the plane but it failed so she followed a river to a road and made her way to a nearby store. “We crashed and i was the only survivor, i’m covered with bruises and scratches” she said to 911 emergency dispatcher.

Her father David Veatch stated that she watched alot of survival shows. Autumn Veatch had nothing to eat or drink for many days. She was hospitalized in washington town of Brewster on Monday without any severe injuries. The search for the plane is still ongoing. Authorities dont yet know the fate of her step grandparents, they are still searching for the cause responsible for the crash. Ricl LeDuc the store owner stated that veatch only remembered flying in the clouds and a sudden collision.

She stated that she spent her last two days walking down a creek and came across a highway where she waited for someone to pick her up. She didnt eat for two days it would have been an horrible experience for her.

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