Friday, December 24th, 2021

McCartney amazed the Crowd

Saint Denis- Paul McCartney amused and entertained the concert goers at the stade de France on Thursday, stripping out a series of songs that were ready with the Beatles hits just a week former to his 73rd birthday. Attired in a white shirt and jacket, McCatney put on a performance full of energy that contained “Hey Jude, “Yesterday, and Helter Skelter”. In addition to a series of songs from wings, his band in the middle of 1971 and 1981. The ex Beatle, who last functioned at the stade de France in 2004, was bolstered on stage by a team of 4 musicians in the recent stage of his “out there” trip which started in Brazil in May 2013 and ended next month is Chicago. Once the concert came to an end the crowd started departing, stadium employers rushed into clean up for the preparation of the top 14 rugby match at the same Stade de France on Saturday.

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