Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Women’s soccer team supports taylor swift


The USA soccer team of women bagged its top rank again after setting a 5-2 win against Japan in the final of women championship world cup 2015. To bring joy to the country and the soccer team Taylor swift held a concert in MetLife stadium, New Jersey as four of the soccer players belonged to that city. It was a Friday night and Taylor rocked on the stage. She managed fantastically to call upon the soccer team too with her on stage for a magnificent and enlightening performance. The flags of USA were raised and claps were heard and echoed out. Taylor honored the soccer by playing a passionate American singer. The players were seen with their trophy and they encouraged Taylor to hold the trophy while channeling her vocals on stage beautifully. The America’s top model Heidi Klum was also present on the stage in the concert.

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